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Tryve creates a tailored solution for Sibelga to manage their extensive project portfolio


About Sibelga

Sibelga is a client of Tryve since 2023 and manages the electricity and natural gas distribution networks for the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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The primary challenge for Sibelga was to have a tailored solution for managing their extensive project portfolio. 

Given the scale and diversity of their projects, they needed a flexible planning, and communication platform to ensure seamless integration of services and efficient project execution.

"Tryve is a professional partner with very extensive experience in business processes and integration possibilities. They can switch gears quickly and speak in layman's terms about complex matters."
Johfra Vekemans
Business Expert


To address this challenge, we executed a Proof Of Concept (PoC) to tailor’s capabilities to their unique needs which consists of 300-400 projects per year, involving various internal and integration with external services such as Osiris.


The collaboration with Tryve and the implementation of allowed Sibelga to develop a scalable and flexible model for managing its vast project portfolio, enhancing overall efficiency and project coordination.


Stakeholder management & communication

Seamless communication across internal & external stakeholders, secure document exchange with version control, automatic updates and reports post-project, and a real-time dashboard for live status updates.


A-Z project followup

Project Management from start to finish: structured project entry, comprehensive task tracking for all stakeholders, smart automations for repetitive actions, all in an intuitive, easy to use interface,…


Resource planning

For those managing teams, the core challenge lies in assigning employees to suitable tasks while ensuring they have the necessary capacity to complete these tasks on time. Sibelga uses to plan and allocate project members on tasks.

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Increase your efficiency with Tryve. Contact us today!

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