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Tryve sets up a integration for Carya to improve communication & reduce email transactions


About Carya

Carya helps optimize dealership’s business processes in the automotive sector with a state-of-the-art DMS, a high performance IT infrastructure and the best sales and marketing solutions.



Carya didn’t have a good project management tool and were using different tools to get the job done. That meant a lot of double work and it was very time consuming to switch between the tools.

"Since integrating into our workflow, our team has experienced a significant increase in productivity and collaboration. The platform's intuitive interface and customizable features have allowed us to streamline our project management processes and better prioritize tasks. Overall email traffic has gone down but communication has gone up."
Annelies van der Sanden
Chief Transformation & Innovation Officer


Monday provides an overall view of all ongoing projects and projects in the pipeline. PM’s can do a better follow up, and the different teams know what’s expected from them in the project.


11 000 yearly saved hours, improved collaboration and communication, reduced email transactions, 900 emails saved per month.

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Carya made templates not only for projects but also for employee on/off boarding. 

This ensures that the team do not skip steps, projects are delivered in a unified manner, and they can easily make adjustments where necessary.

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My work is a great feature as it shows very clearly what is expected of the team members and by when is the deadline. At Carya, the team members often work in multiple projects across teams and MyWork centralises all the team member’s own tasks in one place. It saves a lot of time and improves the experience of collaborating in projects across departments. 

Order management

Internal order management

Carya didn’t have a way to order hardware for internal use. Nobody kept track of these orders, and several managers were able to approve orders. After implementing an internal hardware order form, only the team leads can approve hardware demands, and they can keep a history on who asked for what kind of hardware. This form is now the only way to obtain new hardware for internal use.

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Increase your efficiency with Tryve. Contact us today!

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