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Tryve creates a setup for 123inkt to efficiently manage and execute campaigns


About 123inkt

With more than 4 million customers, 123inkt is the online market leader in the field of ink cartridges and toners.

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The marketing department, which consists of 70 people, faced the challenge of efficiently managing and executing campaigns, typically handled by a single person. The department receives numerous requests from the business, which need to be converted into structured, prioritized, and well-planned campaigns. 

“Tryve impressed us with their great guidance in setting up and their pleasant & professional communication. Compliments for that!”
Florine Peters
Project Manager


The goal was to use to streamline this process and ensure effective management across three teams, each handling approximately 100 campaigns per year.


This setup optimized workflow and enhanced the overall productivity of the marketing department.


Submission of new campaign requests

New campaign requests are now submitted in a structured format, capturing essential campaign details. These forms streamline data entry and ensure consistency. Additionally, allows for automations such as automatically assigning new campaigns to team members and sending notifications to start the approval flow.

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Campaign management

The 123inkt marketing team extensively uses to manage their campaigns. They required more visibility both internally as with external suppliers. With dedicated boards for each campaign, stakeholders can visualize workflows, assign tasks, and monitor deadlines, ensuring alignment and timely execution. All information is now centralized  in one place, and no longer stored across different mailboxes.

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Dashboard to track progress

Our team helped them to create an overall dashboard, where they can see the overall progression of projects that are related to the marketing plan. An overview of how many projects are ‘pending’, ‘in market’ or ‘completed’ for which pillar as well as the progression of the projects that are related to the marketing plan.

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