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Tryve creates customized templates for Vlerick Business School to improve management and operational tracking


About Vlerick
Business School

Vlerick is a prominent international business school based in Belgium with campuses in Brussels, Ghent, and Leuven.



Vlerick faced the challenge of enhancing visibility across multiple ongoing projects to improve management and operational tracking.

“The great flexibility of is a significant advantage, though we've learned through experience that it's essential to plan carefully beforehand. A partner like Tryve is ideal for this preparation.”
Ann Dhaenens
Team Lead Applications


Projects on have been organized into portfolios. Each project uses consistent templates. Resource capacities are adjustable for each board. Clear links have been established between weekly planning, annual budgets by domain, and project management.


The collaboration with Tryve and the implementation of enabled Vlerick to efficiently track and manage multiple projects by organizing them into portfolios, using consistent templates, and adjusting resource capacities as needed.

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Templates for each project type

Templates have been created in, which allows their teams to quickly set up projects using a predefined but tailored framework. This creates consistency across projects and tasks, which significantly improves efficiency.

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Reporting offers great capabilities for creating comprehensive reports for Vlerick’s higher management through its dashboards and views. This feature allows managers to aggregate data from various boards into visual widgets, making it easier to track progress, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions. 

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Content calendar

Vlerick’s communication department uses for managing their content calendar. It provides a central platform for teams to manage all aspects of content creation: easy scheduling, task assignment and status updates ensure everyone stays up to date.

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Increase your efficiency with Tryve. Contact us today!

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